Spinner dolphin watching

Maritime Activities

Sri Lanka is renowned for its sea, sun, surf and all year round activities. The coast often twists and bends into picturesque nooks, bays and coves. Numerous promontories provide great look outs. Many of the beaches provide excellent facilities and a base from which many of the maritime activites are available and can easily be arranged. Which coastlines are in season are dictated by weather conditions.

You may be fortunate to encounter sea turtles coming ashore to nest or watch hatchings in their numbers crawling into the sea. You can also participate in the shore seine by helping fishermen draw in their nets along the shoreline. Alternatively, one could go out to sea and enjoy the marine life such as diving at reefs and wrecks, whale and dolphin watching and snorkelling at one of many reefs scattered around Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka's extensive palm-fringed coastline and pristine beaches offers the perfect environment to unwind. Enjoy the several activities available or just sunbathe or take a quiet stroll along the beach.


Arugambay "The surfing capital" known to have one of the best ‘point brakes’ in the world, Hikkaduwa and also Weligama Bay are popular destinations. Experience the thrill of a ride through the waves.


Kalpitiya has a slew of excellent IKO instructors at reputable kitesurfing schools with top-notch equipment and courses for all, ensuring that anyone and everyone can enjoy kitesurfing safely.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Whale and dolphin watching is a seasonal activity whose timing at different locations round Sri Lankan waters is mainly influenced by weather patterns and sea conditions.


Turtle Watching

Turtle watching involves some waiting and some walking along the beach because as with all of nature, it is the turtle (not us) that sets the time and place of the event!


Whale Shark Watching

Kalpitiya is probably the best location to encounter the whale shark, the largest fish in the world. This seasonal activity is best from November to April.


Wreck Diving

Sri Lanka is fast becoming known around the world as one of the top wreck diving destinations. A good part of Sri Lanka’s heritage lies scattered on its seabed, mostly lost and forgotten. Read more >>


The greatest extents of true corals in Sri Lanka lie in patchy reefs from Vankalai to the Kalpitiya peninsular. These offer the most varied reef access. 



Oceanic sportfish are marine fish pursued by recreational anglers and can be contrasted with commercial fishing for subsistence. Increasingly anglers practice catch & release to improve fish populations. Read more >>

Other Beach Activities

Several activities are available around Sri Lanka's palm-fringed beaches: surfing, kitesurfing, diving, standup paddle boarding, water skiing, donut rides, jet skiing, kayaking, horse-back riding, beach volleyball and more.

Bird Watching

Neritic seabirds are found around Sri Lankan coastal areas from September to April although the pelagics may arrive earlier around July-August.



Yoga wellness programs are available around Sri Lanka's beach resorts and hotels. They cater to beginners and to those who regularly practice yoga. Yoga retreats provide you with emotional, spiritual and physical reset.