Marine Mammal Educational Outreach Programme

To educate the Sinhalese medium school children about marine mammals in an effort to increase awareness, appreciation and a desire to protect the incredible marine life that grace the waters around Sri Lanka.

The book is a version of the best seller Out of the Blue by Howard Martenstyn and translated to Sinhalese by Thalatha Ranasinghe. The author's unique depth of experience and knowledge, coupled with stunning photography and the artists and illustrators unrivaled skills, come together to produce this educationally-focused monumental publication that is highly informative.  


Over 4,000 books were donated in July 2019 to schools, universities, public libraries and educational institutions around Sri Lanka.

Number of books planned for donation = 4,246

Number of books shipped  = 4,028

Coming from a largely English speaking background, I am particularly proud to have produced this Sinhala version of my bestselling book Out of the Blue. This book was conceptualized to widen and deepen the knowledge and appreciation of a larger audience in Sri Lanka. My book in Sinhala would not have seen the light of day if not for the long hours put it by my translator Thalatha Ranasinghe. Others also diligently read the book and provided valuable feedback. Thank you Prof. Sarath Kotagama, Upul Liyanage, Capt. H.N.S. Perera, and T.V. Perera, and many a thanks to my ever enthusiastic boatmen who accompanied me on many research voyages sometimes under arduous conditions to help me collect valuable data. I also thank those who generously contributed pictures and illustrations and to the many who acknowledged the value of this book and contributed in cash or kind, heartfelt appreciation.


– Howard Martenstyn

Author, July 2019

List and Status of Books Donated

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Status: P = Planned, S = Shipped, D = Delivered, A = Acknowledged.


A few common sentiments expressed by principals of schools from out of Colombo.

"This is a very valuable book for the children of our school and will greatly help to enhance their knowledge of the subject."

"We are so grateful that you thought of our school and gave us a book to open our childrens eyes to something so important."

"I wanted to personally call you to express my thanks for your very kind and generaous gesture. It is an excellent book."

"I looked through your book and was very impressed by it. Our children are going to benefit from your knowledge for years to come."



The following have kindly donated funds towards printing, packaging and shipment of the book:

Natural World Safaris, Blue Ocean Trust, BBDO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Elements Beach & Nature Resort, Bandu Kodituwakku, Book Seller, Alessandra & Sam B., Alexandra Beck, Amira Hamami, Anita Oetterli, Anna Gombaska, Anonymous, Audrey Kling, Barbara Bracher, Beat Gmünder, Beat Luthiger, Beatrice Gwerder, Beatrice Wieser, Betina Schwaderer, Bruno Antonio Beffa, Carlo Brot, Claudia Balzli, Club Noi, Cornelia Schneidt, Daniel Eichenberger, Daniel Lang, David Greenaway, Denise Held, Domenico Leonetti, Elsbeth Borer, Esther Schnider, Fabio Rosamina, Franziska Hürlimann, Gabi Schoro, Gabrielle Hartmann, Gian-Luca Tuena, Griet Hautekete, Güven & Seher Kirver, Hans & Luzia Schnelli, Heinz Schupp, Helena V. & Fritz G., Igor Mandic, Irene Huwiler, Iris Wittmann, Ivan Talevi, Jason Ruhl, Jennifer & Bruno Z., Joel Messmer, Joshua Barton, Karin Beuggert, Karin Buenter, Lars Hartmeyer, Luzia Stillhart, Margherita Wuethrich, Marija Pecic Huljic, Marius Purtschert, Martin Salzmann, Martin Trautmann, Martin Voehringer, Mary-Lou Jakober & Lui, Max Gibel, Nicholas Steffen, Nina Wohlleben, Pascal Aubry, Pia Amberg, Pierre Sudan, Rafael Odoni, Reto Buholzer, Richard Zurmühle, Rishad & Sujaya Reddy, Roger Tellenbach, Ruedi Bucheli, Sandra Alvarez, Sandra & Scott Masur, Sebastian Bottlang, Silvia Zahner, Simone Schneider, Steve Waldispuehl, Theresia Katharina Koch, Trudy Fischer, Ueli Baumann, Ute Peters, Victoria Saavedra, Vreni Bolzern, Vreni Grüter, Warna Ariyadasa, Werner Geisseler, Werner Odermatt, Winette Krommendijk, Yvonne Flückiger, Yvonne Zürcher, Zdravko Ninov, Zhao Guan.

Mawbima Sinhala newspaper, 10 July 2019