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Researcher donates 4,000 books to expand conservation

Ceylon Today newspaper 

10 July 2019

Marine researcher and author Howard Martenstyn has in a philanthropic gesture donated 4,000 Sinhala books on marine mammals to schools, libraries and other educational institutions.

In an effort to increase awareness, appreciation and a desire to protect marine life Martenstyn has painstakingly developed and translated some of his best work as an investment in the future.

He was motivated to produce this legacy publication in memory of his brother, as he believes that Sri Lankans do not possess adequate knowledge or appreciation for the underwater life of our Ocean.

This book is intended to encourage generations of young Sri Lankans to further their interest in conservation and exponentially inspire a real change.

The printing and packaging of this publication was made possible due the very generous contributions of several donors from around the world who are acknowledged in the book and website.

Martenstyn is well known for his publication of the Out of the Blue series.

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