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Marine Conservation Conference 2013

A Marine Conference bringing together for the first time a wide cross section of experts in varied fields was held at the BMICH on December 14, 2013. This event was organized by the Indian Ocean Marine Affairs Cooperation (IOMAC) Secretariat under the leadership of Dr. Hiran Jayewardene in collaboration with several government institutions and non-government entities specialized in the field. The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral, Jayanath Colombage delivered the keynote address.

The well-attended forum aimed at reviewing the developments and the progress made so far in order to bring about a collective partnership to achieve effective marine conservation.

Special awards were presented to several distinguished persons who had contributed to enhancing environmental conservation activities. Among the distinguished persons, Howard Martenstyn received an award for an outstanding contribution by him for his intensive research on marine mammals as Director of Research - CRIOMM. His passion and indepth research is reflected in his recent book 'Out of the Blue', the most comprehensive publication on the subject to date.

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