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Sri Lankan Wildlife Journal on Marine Life

Journal of the Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka

This issue of “Sri Lankan Wildlife” is focused on marine wildlife in Sri Lankan waters which has a vivid diverse biodiversity compared to land biodiversity. Articles are written in Sinhala, Tamil and English with an aim to support the conservation of scarce resources of wildlife in the modern world which changes on a daily basis.

Marine Life articles in English:

- Marine Mammals of Sri Lanka, Howard Martenstyn, page 146

- Review of the Status of Some Selachians Ambiguously Reported from Sri Lanka, Rex I. De Silva, page 152

- Why Protect Marine Megafauna?, Asha de Vos, page 156

- Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Focus in Sri Lanka, R. S. Rajakaruna & E. M. L. Ekanayake, page 159

- Coral Reefs: The Rainforests of the Ocean, Roshan Abeywickrama, page 165

- Sri Lanka Customs’ Law Enforcement Role in Relation to the Exportation of Marine Wildlife, Samantha Gunasekara, page 168

You may be interested in downloading a copy of Sri Lankan Wildlife journal Volume 09 No. 1., 180 pages.

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