Risso's dolphins Kalpitiya Sri Lanka's Amazing Maritime

Wild Sri Lanka: Ocean of Giants

by National Geographic

Nowhere else on earth is the power of water to create, shape and sustain life so dazzlingly evident as on the tiny oceanic island of Sri Lanka. Rising from the waves, it is a land where not one, but two monsoons mark time. A world where rains pour down, clouds swell, rivers flow, mists dance across the skies, frosts dust the highlands and thousands of man-made lakes form a curious wonderland filled with a wildlife that is strange, beautiful and utterly unique.

In this series we will delve into the land of these breathtaking creatures – from the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale, to the smallest, the etruscan shrew – and discover how, from the moment Sri Lanka fractured from the southern supercontinent of Gondwanaland and was carried by the oceans to its present home – it has been an island which has been ruled by one unstoppable force: water.

The whales and dolphins in 'Wild Sri Lanka: Ocean of Giants' was shot in Kalpitiya and Mirissa. Howard Martenstyn accompanied Mike Birkhead’s film crew Joe (Director), Beth and Paul Stewart (camera man) on location in Kalpitiya in December 2013.

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