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Live Chat on World Tourism Day

Watch a live chat in English with Bandula Jayasekara that was broadcast on TV 1 Newsline at 7am on 27th September 2016.

On World Tourism Day, Howard Martenstyn talks about

- the pros and cons related to whale watching in Mirissa and Sri Lanka,

- the need for much more conservation related activities such as beach and coral reef cleanup,

- as an island nation we know so little about the ocean that we need to bring in educational programs,

- regulations must always be accompanied with information as to why it is important,

- ethical tourism

- 'Out of the Blue' book

- whales and dolphins of Sri Lanka: whale watching in Kalpitiya, Mirissa and Trincomalee, different species,

- need for developing marine infrastructure,

- educational information of our marine life is available on 'Sri Lanka's Amazing Maritime' website,

- education and learning from fishermen,

- shipping lanes and ship strikes on whales,

- where did the interest in marine life come from,

- future educational programs for school children,

- fear of water by Sri Lankans,

- the importance of Sri Lanka's marine life and what we can do to help conserve it.

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