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Successful Start to Marine Life Protection Lobby

Whale shark protected in Sri Lanka

An announcement was made on 8th October 2015 at 9pm Rupavahini National News.

The bulletin started at 21:10:28 hrs. http://www.rupavahini.lk/main-news/english-news/12780-2016-10-08.html (no longer available online).

The Whale shark and Oceanic whitetip shark have been added to the sharks now protected in Sri Lanka along with the 3 Thresher shark species and shark finning at sea has been banned. These additional two sharks are now protected under the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act of Sri Lanka and CITES Appendix II.

Further action should now be lobbied for the protection of the 3 hammerhead shark species, several reef shark and ray species with an eye to declare Sri Lankan waters a shark sanctuary along with our neighbour the Maldives.

Studies have shown that sharks and rays are worth far more alive, as much as 20-50 times more. Whale shark watching tours have proven to be a better income alternative to shark finning and gill raker trades.

Let me show you more information about sharks and why we need to protect these fish.

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