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Out of the Blue 2 Launched

A revised and updated edition of my best selling book Out of the Blue on Sri Lankan marine mammals and their environment was launched yesterday in Colombo.

The first edition of Out of the Blue thrilled readers all over the world with fantastic action photos and mind-blowing facts about the whales, dolphins and other marine mammals that flourish in Sri Lankan waters.

Yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of the publication of my original book Out of the Blue. So much has evolved and been discovered since then.

As you know nature waits for no one in the marine world. This prompted me to draw you into my world once more with a revised and updated edition.

My new book has been enhanced with stunning new photographs and meticulously collected, up-to-date scientific observations and discoveries about the species that grace our waters.

This revised version of Out of the Blue is sure to create thousands of new fans for the abundant and diverse marine fauna of Sri Lanka, while also providing data and support for future conservation efforts.

See photographs of the 'Out of the Blue' book launch event on Pulse.