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'Sri Lanka Marine Mammal Research and Conservation 1560 to 2019' Published

Sri Lanka Marine Mammal Research & Conservation, Technical Report


announces his brand-new technical report

Sri Lanka Marine Mammal Research and Conservation 1560 to 2019

For over 10 years I have dedicated an immense amount of time towards in-depth research on marine mammals in the waters surrounding Sri Lanka. It is my great desire that generations to come may be educated and inspired by my work and develop a deep sense of conservation. To this end I am pleased to announce the publication of my legacy Sri Lanka Marine Mammals Research and Conservation 1560-2019.

It is the most comprehensive and detailed technical report in the world on country specific research and conservation of marine mammals. A labour of love by an independent marine researcher, this technical report is a result of intense, in-depth research and study including voyages that took me more than half way around the globe within Sri Lanka's waters observing and recording sightings. It would be evident in the sample download that a mammoth effort went into writing this technical report. It is hoped that this new research will benefit researchers, scientists, new comers and future generations. I welcome questions and dialogue with all those interested.

Over 10,000 marine mammal sighting records were extracted from 284 reference sources (published and unpublished) starting in 1852 by Edward Kelaart (Sri Lankan born naturalist) to the present day and includes the author's data. Marine mammal sightings recorded from 1560 onwards were studied and included specimens, strandings, whaling, small cetacean fisheries and live sightings at sea. In the case of certain species, distribution sighting records from the adjoining waters with India and the Maldives were examined and even extended to the rest of the Northern Indian Ocean and beyond.

The technical report is organised into two books, volume I and volume II. It is illustrated by maps, drawings, graphs and photographs. Details about the contents can be viewed in the sample down and on my web page where you may order a copy of the technical report.

Volume I | Paperback | 268 pages | A4 size

Volume II | Paperback | 284 pages | A4 size

Copies of Volume I have been donated to 12 university libraries in Sri Lanka: Universities of Colombo, Peradeniya, Jaffna, Eastern, South Eastern, Uva Wellassa, Ruhuna, Kelaniya and Rajarata, Ocean University at Mattakkuliya and Tangalle and Open University at Nawala.

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